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What Real Estate Recession in Williamsville?

My wife and I are thinking of downsizing now that are only child will be graduating from Boston College in May and off to a stint in the Peace Corp for two years. Two people in a 2,500 sq ft, 2 1/2 bath home in the Village - we could get away with much less space.

While driving on some chore's last weekend, we happened to see some new signs go up and some brochure holders on the front lawns. Ah, let's see what this house is all about, looks nice from the outside.

$335,000? For a 2,400 sq ft home? $299,000? For a 2,200 sq ft home? What is going on here? I know certain streets (One in particular) have house values that would support these number but not these two streets! Is Williamsville (the Village) really that strong, real estate wise? Have the home values gone up that far?

Maybe we need to re-think our down-sizing idea, I can't afford to move!


Tom Larsen