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Will The Williamsville Tolls Ever Be Moved? Don't Hold Your Breath | News

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Will The Williamsville Tolls Ever Be Moved? Don't Hold Your Breath

Williamsville, N.Y. - There are three things we can count on these days in Western New York: the Bills will let us down, the snow will come eventually and we'll hear that the Thruway Authority is "studying" the possibility of moving the Williamsville tolls.

"It's been stalled for too long," says Amherst Town Councilman Jay Anderson.

How long is too long? Try 15 years - back in 1997, the federal government set aside six million dollars to be used by the state to begin the project.

In the latest chapter in this saga, the Amherst Town Board is asking the Thruway Authority what happened to that money, and what has gone into its decision-making process not to move the tolls.

So, when if ever, are the tolls going to be moved to ease rush hour congestion at the barrier?

2 On Your Side's Scott Brown spoke with the Thruway Authority's Vice Chairwoman, Donna Luh, who's the Western New York representative on the board.

Luh declined an on camera interview but said that The Authority is "still looking" at the possibility of moving the tolls.

Luh promised to "bring up the subject" at the Authority's next board meeting.

And even though moving the tolls is not on the Authority's list of projects for the next three years, Luh says that fact "can change."

State Senator Mike Ranzenhofer says he's spoken to both Luh and the Authority's Executive Director about the fact that there's been no decision on whether to move the tolls.

Senator Ranzenhofer: "We've had some comments from them that they're aware of the concerns and that they're going to get this thing moving, but again we're not looking for more studies, we're looking for something to be funded in their capital budget."

Scott Brown: "What do you tell the person who sits in traffic everyday to go through these tolls?"

Ranzenhofer: "You mean like me? It's frustrating I share that experience everyday. It's unconscionable that it would take that long to complete these studies, we're not building a ladder to Mars."














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