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Williamsville Woman Helps Rescue Children in Stroller That Rolled into Canal | News

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Williamsville Woman Helps Rescue Children in Stroller That Rolled into Canal

By Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

The University of Rochester medical students, and their professor, who came to the aid of a father and his two kids in a stroller that rolled into the Erie Canal, spoke to the media Thursday afternoon.

PHOTO GALLERY2 Kids, Adult Pulled From Canal After Stroller Rolls In

A Florida man pushing a double stroller that held his two young children was walking along the Erie Canal path, when the stroller got away from him, went over a steep embankment and into the water near Kendrick Road, according to Rochester Police.

Jon Clanton, 48, and his two children, Sam and Selah, both 8, were rescued by three first-year med students and an emergency response team.

"We did what needed to be done,'" said Dr. David R. Lambert, senior associate dean, on Wednesday's canal rescue. Lambert continued that he was incredibly impressed with the the way the students responded.

Medical student Lindsay Wahl, a former Pittsford Sutherland swimmer, said that she was not afraid during the canal rescue. Wahl was the first one in the water and she helped Sam to shore.

Medical students Bridget Hughes, of Williamsville, and Sarah Nevarez were also involved in the rescue. Bridget was the second person in the water.

She said she provided support to the dad in the water, and she called Jon Clanton "the real hero."

Hughes said he held the stroller out of the water for a long time before it was safely brought to shore.

During the news conference, Lambert also read a statement from the Clanton family that thanked the Rochester police and fire departments and those from the University of Rochester community who helped out.



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