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Natural Disaster's and our Buffalo weather. | Environment

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Natural Disaster's and our Buffalo weather.

Terrible thing that sunami/earthquake that hit Japan this week. Unbelievable destruction, property damage and lives lost. I am praying for the people of Japan and their recovery.

But what does that have to do with Williamsville and WNY? Lots. I follow quite a few people on Twitter and hear lots of complaining about our weather here. It's snowing again, ugh! It's too cold outside. Buffalo weather is the pits!

You know what? We don't get earthquakes. We don't get hurricanes. We don't get tornadoes. We don't get wild fires. We get snow.

In every other weather related event, what does the authority tell you - EVACUATE! People are scrambling to find shelter, to get out of their home and find a safe haven to ride out the event. What do they tell us who get snow? Stay home! That's right - stay home!

I am in no way making light of the situation in Japan (in fact I am donating money there) but we really don't have it bad here at all.

If "stay home" is the advise that the authorities give out, I'll take that every time!


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