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No Frills Buffalo Publishing Company Announces Two New Releases | Business

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No Frills Buffalo Publishing Company Announces Two New Releases
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No Frills Buffalo Publishing Company Announces Two New Releases


Two new books published by No Frills Buffalo recently hit bookstore shelves, including “Shadow Boxing: A Tom Donovan Mystery” by David Coleman, and “Post-Mortem Depression and Other Maladies of English” by Jimmy Neureuther.

Set in Buffalo, Shadow Boxing follows ex-cop Tom Donovan who is struggling with events of his recent past, both physically and mentally, when an event from 22 years ago captures his attention. Hank “Lights Out” Loughran, Donovan’s trainer when he was an aspiring boxer, tells Tom that his father’s death, declared an accident over 20 years ago, wasn’t all that it appeared to be. Donovan sets off on a private mission to uncover the truth. His investigation will have him come head to head with his paternal grandfather Hugh, the octogenarian bar owner, bookmaker and unofficial neighborhood boss, the FBI and members of the Irish-American social club where Tom Sr. was last seen alive ... none of whom seem to want the truth to come out.

Post-Mortem Depression and Other Maladies of English is a collection of linguistic wrongdoings for your amusement. Have you ever heard someone say something just wrong enough that you sort of understand them, yet you have to think about what you heard? Most people know what they mean to say but sometimes what comes out isn’t exactly correct. Other times, things sound so wrong you can’t help but wonder what they were trying to say. Most of the words make sense but sometimes people mangle one or two of them and end up conveying something completely different. Couple these with some interesting pictures and you’ve got “Post-Mortem Depression.”

Books published by No Frills Buffalo can be purchased online at www.amazon.com, www.powells.com, www.barnesandnoble.com and www.nofrillsbuffalo.com. Several local bookstores also carry the No Frills Buffalo collection, including Talking Leaves; Dog Ears Bookstore; The Second Reader; Monkey See, Monkey Do; Lift Bridge Books in Brockport and Buffalo Street Books in Ithaca.

No Frills Buffalo is currently accepting submissions from writers interested in being published. For more information, please visit www.nofrillsbuffalo.com or email submissions@nofrillsbuffalo.com. You can also follow No Frills Buffalo on Facebook for frequent updates.

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